French Open Champion Ash Barty Talks Recovery

Ash Barty using Recovery Pump Lite

1:  How important is Post match recovery in your tournament routine?

Post-match recovery is incredibly important due to the nature of tennis and the frequency of matches. Often, especially when I’m playing singles and doubles, I can have multiple matches on one day and no days off.  I need to feel good each time I step onto the court so it’s vital that I recover properly and look after my body. 

2: What does a typical recovery session look like for you post match?

As soon as get off the court, I re-hydrate and warm down on the bike. I then shower and grab something to eat. After eating, I generally see my physio who checks my body and makes sure I have pulled up well. When I get back to the hotel, I try to wind down and relax. To maximise my post match recovery, I then put a movie on TV and use the Recovery Boots. 

Ash Barty serving

3: Apart from the usual methods of ice baths and massage you mentioned that you use a sequential compression recovery system (RP). Why do you use the Recovery Pump system and what are the benefits of the sequential compression?

I use the Recovery Pump system because I need to recover quickly and often play back to back matches. The boots give me a chance to put my feet up, turn off mentally and use my time to recover efficiently. The product is designed to help with blood circulation, which in turn speeds up the recovery process. They also help to reduce lactic acid post-match. 

4: How hard is it to access recovery facilities when you’re on the road and are there benefits to having your own equipment?

It can be hard to access good recovery facilities when we are travelling so having my own equipment has been a game changer for me. At the end of a long day, being able to relax in my hotel room, watch a movie and recover at the same time makes the world of difference. We don’t get much time away from the tennis courts so I really value being able to do part of my recovery in my own space.

5: Is it important for any of the recovery equipment that you use to be light and easy to carry with you? (FYI the RP Lite system Ash has only weighs 1.5 kgs)

I do a lot of travel throughout the year either by myself or with a small team and often need to carry all of my own gear (racquets, bags, suitcases etc). The Recovery Pump is light and easy to carry, it is ideal for my travelling lifestyle.

Ash Barty using Recovery Pump Lite

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