Thinking about buying a pneumatic(air) compression boot system to help with your training and recovery?  Confused about what the differences are between competing brands?

Let us demystify the process and give you a few key attributes to look for when comparing brands including: Sequence, Pressure, Boot Design, Portability, Price & Warranty, Rx Requirements and Durability.

RecoveryPump has been in the compression therapy business for decades. We have evaluated every pump made in the world, have been dealers for many of those products we tested and currently are distributors in the medical field for several manufacturers. It is this experience that has helped us select the very best compression device to meet the needs of athletes and their active lifestyle.

We Chose the RecoveryPump system for the following reasons:



A quick cycle-time should be a key factor when comparing compression systems.

Look for a system that uses sequential compression, where each chamber in the boot stays filled as subsequent chambers inflate up the leg.  This is the only scientifically backed form of compression for muscle recovery.

The RecoveryPump has a very quick sequence, just 30 seconds to fill the entire Boot. The point is that the more cycles we can deliver during the therapy session, the more effect the system has on your recovery. (It’s all about flushing waste out and replenishing the muscle, which has everything to do with how many cycles or “flushes” you get in per session.)

Also, the RecoveryPump holds a long application of compression during the cycle- chambers stay filled as it completes a cycle, which increases the effect of the therapy dramatically. Maximize the number of cycles and significantly increase the application of compression during the therapy session will result in the very best outcome for recovering muscle in the shortest amount of time.



Fallacy- The more it hurts (high pressure/squeeze), the better it works. NOT TRUE!

Look for a system that does not go above a max pressure setting of 80-100mmHg

RecoveryPump was designed to limit the pressure applied to the extremity to never have an effect on the delivery of oxygen and nutrients during the pumping action. Higher pressure than our maximum 80 mmHg may have a detrimental effect on circulation and recovery.

The clinical data verifies that 60 to 80 mmHg of pressure applied in a sequential manner measurably and significantly moves a large volume of blood in the veins equivalent to that of light exercise during active recovery session.


Boot Design

Look for a four-chambered, foot compartment with compression at the bottom of the foot for 25% increased circulation

Make sure it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” Boot, custom sizes should be available.   A proper fit will reach up near your hip, ensuring increased circulation of the entire limb and hip flexor region.

RecoveryBoots have a unique foot design that applies pressure on the top and the bottom of the foot rather than on the sides alone. (Picture a triangle with compression from all three sides.) This action activates the “foot pump”, an important component of returning blood and recovering muscle in the lowest part of the leg. The result is comfort and a pumping action that relieves swelling and soreness starting at the toes.

The RecoveryBoots have a zipper closure that makes getting the Boots on and off super easy, no assistance required. (We know you’re busy!) The sleeves have been custom designed to be sleek and to give athletes optimal fit based on leg length. Check out our sizing chart for proper fit.



If you plan on traveling with it, size and weight should be considered.

RecoveryPump is the smallest system of its type in the market. Pump and Boots easily fit into a suitcase, backpack or carry-on. The Boots fully deflate and fold into a small package. All up, the system weighs less than 9 lbs. It is the most travel-friendly system on the market.


Price & Warranty

Buy what’s tested and been medically proven to get the best bang for your buck. (Any medical grade device will be more costly due to testing and approval processes medical devices must incur per the FDA)

Look for a company that warrantees the entire system (not just the pump) for at least 1 year.

We offer a Best in Business 2 year warranty on the complete RecoveryPump system. The price is very competitive for a FDA cleared, medical grade device designed to operate for 1000’s of hours and having done so in the medical field. We also offer a 30 day 100% refund if you return the device for any reason.



Read customer reviews and make sure the system you choose can stand up to the demands of your travel/training/life style.

As a medical device used around the world, the durability of the RecoveryPump is unquestionably the best in class.

This device is designed to operate for many thousands of hours as most people depend on that level of quality and uninterrupted operation. The manufacturer stands behind their product like none other.